Goodwill Extrusions


Access of clean portable water is the basic right of every citizen. Understanding the need of the hour, and to further strengthen the vision and mission of Group, conserve and deliver water in its purest form, and so nurturing millions of lives, we have commissioned Goodwill Extrusions. The facility with exceptional standards of production as per ISO standards for Water Tanks, Sump Tanks, Loft Tanks in the water storage solutions arena and Septic Tank in 2013 under the brand “Goodwill”.

Goodwill Water Tanks are manufactured from 100% virgin raw material, which is the very basis of keeping the purity of water stored. Coupled with use of 100% virgin UV stabilized material and unique design ensures longer trouble-free life.


PVC Pipes & Water Tanks

Leader in manufacturing the best quality Water tanks and PVC Pipes in Kerala.